Wordle 304 Answer Today: Wordle Solution For April 19

Wordle is a massively popular game now. The game, owned by The New York Times, permits users to guess a new five-letter word every day. Wordle offers users hints in order for them to accurately guess every day’s word, and has a streak that users maintain in order to boast among their mates. Wordle shares a new word at 12 AM midnight every day. The Wordle game permits the player to choose a unique five-letter word every day, which is made available for a most of six attempts. Once the individual chooses a word, they tend to see green, yellow, and black tiles for different alphabets.

Out of those, the Yellow colour means the letter is a part of the Wordle word of the day, however the user has placed it incorrectly. If you see green in the box that means the letter is right where it’s supposed to be. And lastly, having a grey box means the letter is not a part of the Wordle word of the day.


The answer to today’s Wordle (Wordle 304, April 19) is FOYER, which means an entrance hall or other open area in a building utilized by the public, especially a hotel or theatre.


The Wordle 303 answer for April 18 was AMPLE, meaning enough or more than enough. The Wordle 300 word of the day for April 15 was SHAME. For Wordle 299, the word was MINCE, and the Wordle answer of the day for April 13 for Wordle 298 was CHUNK, which implies thick, solid pieces of one thing. Before that, Wordle answer for Wordle 297 on April 12 was ‘ROYAL. Even before that on April 10, the answer for Wordle 296 was SQUAD. On April 9, Wordle 294 was STAIR, and SCARE was the Wordle 293.


Wordle is available to play on any desktop or mobile browser such as Google Chrome, Brave, Safari, and more. Users can go to the official website (link) and play this free-to-play title without registration. The website also has a simple design, and users can straight jump into the game. There’s a settings section on the top-right where users can select between ‘Hard Mode,’ ‘Dark Theme,’ and ‘Colour Bling Mode.’

To put it merely, Wordle is a word-guessing game where you’ll need to guess a secret five-letter word in six tries. The right guess will mark a particular block with a single letter as ‘green.’ If the key world has the letter ‘R’ in it, but your chosen world locations the letter in the wrong block, will probably be shown in yellow. If the block stays grey, it means the letter is not in any spot. Each day, Wordle will select a new word of the day, so in other words, the key word keeps changing.

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