When Will Be The Overwatch 2 Release Date? What to Do First

Learn more about Overwatch 2’s release date and system requirements.

Overwatch 2 Release date

Blizzard prepared to release Overwatch 2 on Tuesday by shutting down the Overwatch servers on Monday. The new game, which features 5v5 gameplay and a new battle pass system, is the eagerly anticipated sequel to the hero shooter.

Overwatch 2, which was first revealed at BlizzCon 2019, is a significant change for the series. The follow-up fully embraces a live-service, free-to-play model where the game receives regular updates with new heroes, new levels, and significant balance patches. Blizzard is making an effort with this strategy to deliver on the Overwatch’s original promise.

What time does Overwatch 2 release time?

Tuesday is the scheduled release date for Overwatch 2 in North America. It will be accessible via PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. Servers are expected to go online at noon PT/3 p.m. ET.

How to get Overwatch 2 for free?

Overwatch 2 Free to Play: You don’t need to download a different game if you already own the first Overwatch because the sequel is available to you as an update for that game, which is a very large update (approximately 50 GB on PC and 30 GB on console). When it goes online in your time zone, new users can download the game.

The SMS Protect feature in your Blizzard account must be enabled for both new and returning players. Logging into your Battle.net account and navigating to Account Details > Phone Number will allow you to do that. You will get a text message with a verification code after clicking Continue. Your account will be validated after you enter the code. It’s important to take note of Blizzard’s statement that “certain types of phone numbers, including pre-paid and VOIP, cannot be used for SMS Protect.” That suggests that the 38% of US adults between the ages of 18 and 29 who have prepaid plans may be excluded.

Is Overwatch 2 a cost-free game?

Overwatch 2 Download: It costs nothing to download and play Overwatch 2. For 1,000 credits (around $10), you can get the season one premium battle pass. With the same currency, you can also shop for cosmetics. The premium battle pass, some legendary skins, and 2,000 credits — enough for two more premium battle passes — are all immediately unlocked if you purchase the Watchpoint Pack (available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch). New heroes that aren’t unlocked in the battle pass where they make their debut will be available for purchase in the store or through upcoming challenges.

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