What led to Freezing of Niagara Falls? Watch VIDEOS, PICS

Niagra Fall freezing photos, videos: Niagara Falls, located at the border of the USA and Canada, have frozen due to the recent wave of sub-zero temperature that has gripped the region. The frozen falls look like a picture from a fairytale. Pictures and videos of the frozen fall have been getting a lot of attention on social media with many users calling it ‘frozen wonderland.’

In what is said to be the ‘blizzard of the century’, the tallest waterfall in the world has frozen with not a single drop flowing through. Due to the heavy flow of 3,160 tons of water it is nearly impossible for the fall to completely freeze, but over the years the fall has turned into partial frozen wonderland. At Niagara, the water falls at the rate of 32 feet per second.

Niagara Falls completely transformed into ice looking like an icy paradise in the photographs surfacing in the internet. The part of Niagara Falls on the American side has frozen only 5 times so far. Whenever this waterfall accumulated, the flow of water was affected at that time. Steel ice booms were installed here in 1644 to prevent the waterfall from becoming ice.

Until 1912, tourists used to cross this waterfall through an ice bridge. From here, one had a beautiful view of the base of the waterfall. But on February 4, 1912, three people died here by falling into the Niagara River due to the breaking of ice. Since then the authorities have banned walking on the bridge.


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