Sportsworld reacts to Brittney Griner defense news

On Tuesday (26.07.2022), Brittney Griner's court case in Russia resumed.

Griner's defense team tried to argue that the cannabis oil she used in February was prescribed by a doctor to treat pain.

However, Griner's defense attorney does not argue that his cannabis oil was taken to Russia as medicine.

"We're not arguing that Brittney took it here as a medicine. We're saying that she brought it here voluntarily because she was busy," said defense attorney Alexander Boykov.

"The Russian public and the Russian court in the first place has to know, that it was not used for recreational purposes in the United States. It was prescribed by a doctor," Boykov said.

For the most part, fans believe this is a bad argument from Griner's camp

Griner has already admitted to having vape canisters containing cannabis oil in his possession when he was arrested in February

She also stated, that she had no criminal intent

Griner's case was adjourned until Wednesday afternoon

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