Worried about recession? Here's Warren Buffett's advice

If you're worried about a potential recession and its impact on your investments, that's normal

But here are some tips from renowned investor Warren Buffett to help calm your nerves.

When the stock prices are falling and the economy is sinking, it seems like bad time to invest. But it's a great opportunity to buy more, coz prices are low

Nobody-even Warren Buffet  cannot predict the market in the coming weeks or months, so focus on long term, coz no matter how bad things get in short term, they will improve over time

It's a great idea to stay invested even during a market downturn, but the key to success is choosing the right investment

Not all stocks can survive a recession, but healthy companies stand a better chance

Businesses with strong foundations are more likely to see growth over time

And the more of these companies you own, the better off you'll be.

Recession are not that easy, and even the most experienced can struggle sometimes

But with the right strategy they can be overcome.

By investing in strong stocks for a long-term view, you can rest easy knowing you're doing everything possible to protect your finances -- no matter what happens in the economy.

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