Kobe Bryant's wife Vanessa's jury award was lowered by $1 million

The reason behind lowering the award prize cash was due to some mistake findings

Vanessa Bryant has agreed to this decision, her attorney, Luis Li said in the court

Both Bryant and Chester were filed lawsuits against the county several months after the crash.

Their cases focused on what transpired after the incident, not the crash itself.

The jury determined that their constitutional rights had been violated after an 11-day trial.

Bryant should have received $1.5 million from the sheriff's office, not $2.5 million, according to the jury.

She has never requested a specific monetary figure and has faith that the jury will render fair judgement.

The county stated that the pictures were deleted soon after the collision and were never uploaded online.

Li stated that Bryant hopes "this significant civil rights action will put an end to this abominable and insensitive behaviour."

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