New Orleans Saints safety Tyrann Mathieu has missed the first week of training camp due to a personal issue.

Fortunately for the team, the latest news on his status is very encouraging

Mathieu is at the team's facility this Wednesday, according to Jeff Duncan of

Saints head coach Dennis Allen told reporters he wasn't sure when Mathieu would be back on the field.

Allen answered when asked if there was a point where the Saints needed Mathieu to return to camp

"I don't think we're there. We kind of gave him some space to deal with what he needs to deal with", Allen added

And we'll be sitting here with open arms when he's ready to come back.

Saints fans are so happy that Mathieu is finally reporting for the training camp

Mathieu signed a three-year, $28.3 million contract with the Saints beyond this season

The Saints hope Mathieu will make a real impact for them this season

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