Tiger Woods has a very bad day at the British Open

The three-time Open champion, including two on the Old Course at St Andrews

When Tiger Woods was walking again on the 18th hole of the old course he felt the lights are fading behind him as locals and American visitors shouted “Tigerrrrrr!”

But it was not a victory march at the British Open. It was the end of one of Woods' worst rounds in a major

Woods, who won the Open Championship here in 2000 and 2005, reacquainted himself with the water in a hasty return on Thursday.

"I told myself, 'Don't hit it flat, don't blade it,'" Woods said. "Neither did I, but I still beat it to the burn."

Woods' shot skidded down after a bounce and he missed a short putt and opened his tournament with a double bogey.

As omens go, it was accurate as he continued to battle the wind, blowing the third and fourth holes.

But it was a false morning as he resumed with important chips and putts well short of their targets.

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