Tesla Car Fails To Detect Kids On The Road, Self-Drive Technology Ignores Child Mannequins

In a shocking revelation, technology for self-driving in Tesla cars fails to detect kids on the road

According to the Safe Tech advocacy group, the car during testing hits the child mannequins on the road even at speeds of 25 miles per hour.

Dawn Project carried out this safety test and its findings are expected to hit Tesla's face

This claim is now part of an ad campaign that intends to increase pressure on Congress for banning automated driving technology at Tesla

Dawn Project founder Dan O'Dowd says self-driving technology is far from as amazing as Elon Musk believe

Currently, about 100,000 Tesla car drivers use the Full Self-Driving feature on roads

This may actually put children at great risk.

Earlier in 2021, in response to the deadly Tesla car crash, Musk said that the driver did not activate the autopilot feature at all.

Musk continues to insist that an upgraded and completely safe version of the fully self-driving mode is reliable, even at shareholder meetings.

More Tesla vehicles are involved in fatal accidents than the number seen at any other manufacturer, as per NHTSA investigation

There just needs to be some clarity about the technology and its true safety!

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