Did Spencer Haywood really put a try to kill the Lakers?

Winning Time episode 9 suggests he did – let’s separate the fact from the fiction

A lot of the episode focuses on Spencer Haywood’s relationship with the Lakers

In episode 8 and 9 of the series Spencer Haywood turning to drugs and he developing a cocaine addiction

In the show, the Lakers have a team meeting and vote to waive Spencer Haywood before the NBA Finals

In reality, it was then-coach Paul Westhead’s decision, not the team’s, and Haywood was suspended, not cut, from the team

According to the Los Angeles Times, Westhead opted to suspend Haywood indefinitely after multiple disruptions

In the episode, Abdul-Jabbar breaks the news to Haywood that he won’t be playing in the Finals.

Haywood feels betrayed and we see him meeting up with a drug dealer/friend to set up an attack on his teammates.

Well, there is some truth to the show’s claim but it is not entirely accurate

So no, Spencer Haywood did not put a hit out on the entire Lakers team, but he did (however briefly) want to get revenge on Westhead.

Haywood was cut after Game 3 of the 1980 NBA Finals. And Haywood was awarded a ring despite not playing in the finals.