Ronda Rousey arrested on SmackDown

She was ‘arrested’ during WWE SmackDown in wild scenes after attacking security guards amid suspension

You will not be amazed to learn she did, as a matter of fact, cause her to pick brutality

She beat up on all the security guards sent to eliminate her from the ring

Which forced to call the local police to stop her

She paid her fine face to face last week prior to leaving through the behind the stage area

Also, she returned for the current week to hold up the show until Adam Pearce decided to restore her.

Rousey, notwithstanding being willing to create an uproar at her work environment, won over be a decent resident

This is not the first time when Rousey was arrested during the WWE's TV Show

The crowd response here showed that this ongoing storyline is doing ponders for the star's stock in WWE

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