Nico Ali Walsh scored a knockout, and the boxing referee brutally booted off immediately.

The 21-year-old is the grandson of Muhammad Ali and said he's bringing his grandpa back to life

Nico Ali Walsh scored the fifth win of his career — and it was an almighty knockout.

LAS VEGAS — Nico Ali Walsh made his ring-walk to the sounds of Gangsta's Paradise by Coolio

Ali Walsh looking to forge his own name as Nico, rather than as the one that has followed him around since before his debut — as Muhammad Ali's grandson

He looked fluid in his approach, varying the attack from head to body and body to head, and he was happy to give up jabbing accuracy for effective power punching.

Two minutes and 51 seconds into the very first round, Ali Walsh separated Ibarra from his senses with a one-two combination that saw a thunderous right hand rattle his opponent's skull

Ibarra was down, out, and the referee Russell Mora seemed like he didn't really want to even bother counting

Ali Walsh celebrated the victory, and Ibara took a moment to reach a corner, so he received medical attention.