N.B.A. Finals: How Boston Beat Golden State in Game 1

Golden State led by as many as 15 points, but could not fend off a young Celtics team

The Celtics stunned Golden State with a fourth-quarter comeback

Golden State was grateful for a full week to rest and recover before facing the Boston Celtics in Game 1

The Celtics leaned on their depth to erase a 15-point deficit in the second half

Jayson Tatum scored just 12 points in the win while shooting 3 of 17 from the field, but he had a game-high 13 assists

The Celtics also managed to overcome a turbocharged effort form Golden State’s Stephen Curry, who scored 34 points

In remarks before the game, N.B.A. Commissioner Adam Silver noted how the finals was pitting two of the league’s original franchises

A fitting series for the N.B.A., which has been celebrating its 75th anniversary this season

Cowboys say former running back Marion Barber dead at 38.