Miles Bridges of Charlotte Hornets charged with domestic violence and child abuse

Miles Bridges is facing three felony domestic violence after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend in front of their two children last month.

District Attorney George Gascon said his office filed one felony count of injury to the child's parent and two felony counts of child abuse.

According to the DA's release, the case "involves an allegation of great bodily injury to a victim of domestic violence."

"Children who witness family violence are particularly vulnerable and the impact on them is immeasurable," Gascon said.

Bridges was arrested by Los Angeles police on June 29 and later released on $130,000 bond.

The Hornets and the NBA said they were aware of the charges against Bridges

"These are very serious allegations and we will continue to monitor," the Hornets said.

Michelle Johnson, the mother of Bridges' two young children, posted several pictures of what appeared to be injuries  on Instagram on July 1.

She did not mention Bridges by name, but wrote on Instagram:  "I won't allow the people around him to continue to silence me and continue to lie to protect this person."

At the time of Bridges' arrest, the LAPD said it does not release police reports on domestic violence arrests. The case is under investigation.

Bridges was the Hornets' leading scorer last season, averaging 20.2 points and seven rebounds in his fourth NBA season.

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