Maya Hawke is the spitting image of Uma Thurman as she poses for a photo with her father, Ethan Hawke

Maya Hawke looked just like her mother as she posed on the red carpet with dad Ethan Hawke

The actress joined her father to promote his new docuseries, The Last Movie Stars

Maya appeared in the snap posted as Ethan encouraged fans to tune in to Instagram Live, where 24-year-old Maya interviewed her father about his documentary.

Ethan, 51, recently opened up about how he's not afraid to ask his daughter for advice.

Maya's parents were married from 1998 until 2005 and also have a son named Levon Hawke, 20.

Maya said in an interview that, her relationship with nature is due to Thurman

"My mom is an extraordinary gardener and she introduced me to nature", Maya said.

Maya, also a singer-songwriter, drops her sophomore album Moss, in September

She said, "when I was with my dad, we'd spend a lot of time together playing guitar, singing songs, writing poetry and would paint late into the night."

Maya said, "I am not interested in sports, so my father (Ethan Hawke) engage with me in creative ways."

Hawke added. "I love this business. I love movies. I love art. I love it so much."

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