Man of Steel 2 is actually happening and the official announcement is coming

Hold on to your red underwear - Henry Cavill's return as Superman is imminent

The 39-year-old British actor will reportedly make a surprise appearance at this weekend's San Diego Comic-Con to announce Man of Steel 2.

The actor will play the role as the Last Son of Krypton

Diego Comic  is in a prime position to take the comic book movie throne once again

To win back nostalgia-hungry fans, they need only reach back to their proven merchandise — Michael Keaton and Henry Cavill 

Man of Steel 2 has been an enigma for fans since the first film was released in 2013

The success of the first film was phenomenal: it grossed nearly $300 million in the United States and $650 million worldwide.

Rumors abound that Black Adam will set up Man of Steel 2, featuring Henry Cavill's return as Superman in a post-credits cameo.

Black Adam himself Dwayne Johnson seemed to confirm those rumors in a response to a fan on Twitter, saying he was hoping for a Superman cameo.

Even with the tweet, fans are wary of the possibility of Henry Cavill making a cameo in Man of Steel 2 or another DC movie

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