Embattled Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn responded, 'Blackmail won't win': Madison Cawthorn defends himself after 'sex tape' is leaked showing him naked

Cawthorn said that the video gone viral was simply 'being crass with a friend, trying to be funny'

 It is just the latest scandal the North Carolina Congressman has been embroiled in after he claimed that senior officials invited him to an orgy

His photos released last month also showed him in lingerie, for what he says was a game on a cruise ship

He is also being investigated for ethics violations after another video showed one of his staff members grabbing his crotch

It's the latest controversy for the 26-year-old, who is running for reelection with early voting already underway.

The freshman Republican has angered and annoyed a number of his colleagues with a string of antics.

 Cawthorn is now facing a contentious GOP primary as he runs for re-election