Leahy applauds the passage of Inflation Reduction Act

The Senate's historic vote today represents a stark choice between two contrasting views

The first is that we must do everything we can to help American families, our seniors, and our economy

Second, we must ignore skyrocketing health care costs — especially prescription drugs — and the existential threats of climate change.

Today the Senate advanced a once-in-a-generation bill to meaningfully address the very real threats of climate change

It addresses the high cost of prescription drugs.

“Vermonters and the American people are tired of hearing, ‘No, we can't.’ Families today face real problems, real concerns and real questions.

Vermonters and the American people want their government to be prepared to face the real problems before us, not one that fails to solve them.

Leahy said, "It's time to say yes, and actually do something the American people really need."

The time for speeches, pontificating and display is over. Now is the time for action. 

"The Inflation Reduction Act is the real measure. And delayed action," he added 

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