Lana Del Rey has obtained a temporary restraining order against a man who she claims stole one of her cars.

She applied to authorities in Los Angeles to request protection from Eric Everardo after she alleged he visited her house on at least two occasions this year

Lana said he first showed up at her house without permission in February

Everardo made off with a Jaguar and was eventually charged with a felony for stealing

The 37-year-old star claimed that Everardo returned to his residence earlier this month and left a bag at her gate with a disturbing letter.

Inside the letter that told of how he wanted to see her again

Lana also alleged that he had texted her sister several times since February

Lana also said, "it is unclear how he obtained my sister's number"

The 'Born to Die' singer insisted she doesn't know Everardo and is afraid for the safety of herself and her family members

A judge has ordered Everardo to stay at least 100 yards away from Lana, her brother, and her sister, and banned him from contact them

Lana has previously admitted that she thinks fame is "dangerous".

She added, "A lot of these other people I see portraying that image aren't like that - they're like the biggest b******s that live in crazy mansions and rip people off."

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