Cardinals mentor Kliff Kingsbury observes pretty much every move quarterback Kyler Murray makes during training camp at State Farm Stadium

"From what I saw, he worked really hard of simply being who he is, coming to his meaningful conclusion heard," Kingsbury said

By Wednesday, the Cardinals chose to erase the addendum

which expected Murray to spend four hours of the week concentrating on football away from team headquarters

Murray was quiet, yet strong, and for good explanation, obviously bothered.

“He’s just learned to be a pro,” said Kingsbury, who added that Murray did it mostly on his own

“He’s had to learn on the fly, on his own,” Kingsbury said

After his opening statement, Murray declined to answer other questions, saying he would only talk about football

So we might not ever know why he and his agent Erik Burkhardt  signed off on it to begin with.

Does the Angels outfielder Mike Trout worried about the long-term impact of the injury?