S.D. Governor Kristi Noem may have "engaged in misconduct," according to the ethics board.

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She got involved in her daughter's attempt to obtain a licence as a real estate appraiser.

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Noem's involvement in her daughter's appraisal licence could result in "appropriate action" against her.

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The board is investigating her, and she has vehemently denied any misconduct.

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The board also rejected claims that Noem had misappropriated state money during the incident.

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The retired judges did not specify how they will continue, though.

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Later on Monday, Noem retaliated against the board of retired judges.

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The board simply dealt with the complaints based on their case numbers

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After redacting some sections, the board intends to publicly publicise the complaint 

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According to Noem, she was attending the activities as a state ambassador.

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