Kodak Black arrested in Florida with 31 oxycodone pills and $50K in his car

Kodak Black is reportedly in the grip of the law again

Kodak Black was arrested on Friday, July 15 as he was cruising Ft. Lauderdale in a Dodge Durango

When Kodak pulled over, officers claimed his vehicle was full of marijuana

So the police conducted a search and came up with 31 Oxycodone pills and $74,960 in cash

Police said his tags and license were also expired

So he was taken to the Broward County Jail

Fox reporter said that he is being charged with trafficking

Kodak Black's legal troubles have plagued his rap career for years

In fact, he would still be in prison if not for a presidential pardon

Trump pardoned rappers Lil Wayne and Kodak Black who were prosecuted for federal weapons violations

After that, Kodak became a big fan of Trump. "We want Trump in office forever, man," he wrote via Instagram

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