YouTuber Kevin Samuels has been known by many and recently the social media influencer made headlines as Twitter had everyone convinced that he might be dead

As of now, his death has not been officially confirmed and it seems to be just another Twitter rumor

However, Kevin's fans have been concerned as the social media star has not broken his silence.

Nonetheless, fans are hoping he would come and engage with them soon as his last post dates back to 18 hours ago.

As per his Instagram, Kevin is an image consultant and makes videos regarding the same

Most of his content on social media revolves around the work he does.

Kevin has over one million followers on Instagram, 80k on TikTok, 1.4 million on YouTube, and 277k on Facebook

The YouTube description for his page refers to him as a “lifestyle consultant” as well

As of now, no official confirmation regarding Kevin’s death has been announced

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