Kevin Durant remains tight-lipped about the trade rumors, but he quickly stops talk of retirement

In an article posted on Monday said that Durant was more likely to retire than fit for the Brooklyn Nets again.

But in his Twitter post he reacted against rumor that , "I don’t plan on retiring anytime soon"

Many viewers never took Durant's possible retirement seriously

The others are still relieved to see Durant clear the air and refute the rumors that are spreading

However, others jokingly asked the four-time scoring champion to show his reporting credentials.

Durant has reportedly requested a swap unless the Nets get rid of head coach Steve Nash and general manager Sean Marks 

Owner Joe Tsai appeared to verify the reported ultimatum by publicly supporting Nash and Marks last week.

Durant might not have much influence unless he does something drastic to force his way out of Brooklyn

That may mean sitting out of training camp, but the 33-year-old doesn't even like the idea of retiring.

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