Jet Li's fame created some problems on the sets of Fearless

The 2006 martial arts film "Fearless" is considered not only one of Jet Li's best films, but also one of the best kung fu films.

Based on true events in the 1900s, a martial artist becomes a hero in China by defeating foreign fighters in publicized matches.

It was a time when the country was struggling to free itself from Western imperialism

In the 1982 film "The Shaolin Temple," Lee became one of the leading faces of kung fu movies alongside Jackie Chan.

But after more than 20 years of wagging his tail on the big screen, Li wanted "Fearless" to be his last martial arts movie.

"Fearless" marked the peak of Li's career as a wushu movie star

During the shooting of Fearless Li got an accident, which become just one of many injuries the acclaimed martial artist suffered on set

"My old injuries always bother me," Li told China Daily in 2006.

Ironically, Li decided to turn to film after a knee injury ended his competitive wushu career.

But making kung fu movies proved to be just as taxing on his body as real-life fighting

By the time "Fearless" hit theaters, Li was 43 years old and had tried to retire many times

But since 1997 he has been a faithful Buddhist, and many masters and high monks dissuade him from retiring.

In 2013, the actor revealed that he had a heart condition and hyperthyroidism on top of his nagging movie career injuries .

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