Jason Momoa survived a car crash with a motorcycle rider

Jason Momoa collided with a motorcyclist on a Los Angeles-area road over the weekend

But no one was badly injured claimed a report said Sunday

The accident occurred when the motorcyclist crossed into the path of the Aquaman star and struck the front left side of his Oldsmobile.

However, the actor escaped unhurt, but the biker suffered minor injuries after hitting Momoa's windshield.

Momoa was traveling along Old Topanga Canyon Road near the Calabasas area on Sunday

While he was driving, a biker who was traveling in the opposite direction came into contact with him coming through the curve and collided with him.

After the collision, the rider was fortunately able to land on his feet after being bounced off Momoa's windshield.

After the accident, the injured rider was taken to hospital with minor injuries

On the work front, Jason will next be seen in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom which is slated to release in March 2023.

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