Honor Society Review - A sharp and wonderfully dark high school comedy

Honor Society, a dark comedy about high school students with honors, opens with the familiar faces of pop feminism.

The montage recalls the opening scene of Booksmart , another gritty film about teenage girls transgressing.

Honor has one goal for high school — get out of it — and only one idol: Harvard

Like Carey Mulligan's Cassie, Honor's every move stems from a demented, single-minded passion.

The film's taut and brilliant first half sees Honor appraise everything around him with ice-cold scorn.

A moving second half where Honor begins to feel for the unassuming Michael, even as she and her many spinning plates fall in unexpected directions.

However, the last third of the film expects Honor to go from borderline sociopathic to apparently earnest

Honor Society battles to nail the finish and string the needle among sour and sweet, campy and sincere

Honor Society close on the note that, hey, prestige isn't exactly great, however the twisted, fanged journey to that reality is an unforeseen pleasure

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