Helena Bonham Carter suffered a tragedy that would have completely devastated most people

When people look back on her career years later, Helena Bonham Carter is one of the most underrated actresses of her generation.

Bonham Carter was nominated and won a long list of awards during her long and distinguished career

However, Bonham Carter's personal life was very painful at times

For example, many people know about Bonham Carter's relationship with Tim Burton

Unfortunately that relationship ended in a painful breakup

The terrible tragedy that the family of Helena Bonham Carter went through

In August 2008, several members of her family went on a holiday in South Africa and traveled in a minivan.

Then, one of the minivan's tires suddenly went flat and the vehicle flipped several times in the air.

In that tragic accident except her cousins Fiona Egerton-Warburton every other member of her family lost their life

Even after experiencing a tragedy that is hard for almost anyone to imagine, she moved on

Bonham Carter will always be affected by what happened throughout her life, but she is clearly a survivor

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