German diplomat arrested in Brazil, accused of murdering husband: "Corpse screams the circumstances of its death"

A German diplomat was arrested on Saturday accused of murdering his husband at their home in the upscale of Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian police said.

After the murder they also attempted to cover up the crime, police said.

Uwe Herbert Hahn, the German consul, told authorities that her husband, Walter Henry Maximilien Biot, fell ill Friday night and suffered a fatal blow to the head.

And he also said, that his husband suffered a fatal blow to the head. 

However, a search of the couple's body and apartment in the beach neighborhood of Ipanema found Biot severely beaten, police said.

Consul's version of events that the victim suffered a fall did not match the forensic report's conclusions, said Officer Camila Lourenco.

Hahn, who has been married to Biot for 20 years, tried to clean up the scene before police arrived, according to local media.

Hahn than told officers that her husband had been drinking heavily and taking sleeping pills.

The corpse calls forth the circumstances of its death.

The German embassy did not immediately respond to a request for information

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