After Bill Murray screamed at her on the set of a movie, Geena Davis confesses that she was "dying from shame."

The actor, who is now 66, claims that when she was 8 years old, her 99-year-old great uncle Jack and she were on a terrifying journey.

Jack suddenly veered back into his lane, narrowly avoiding a head-on accident.

Davis received a strong lesson from the incident, though: Never speak in an unfriendly manner, under any circumstances.

Davis claims that while working with Bill Murray on the 1990 movie "Quick Change," she was the victim of harassment.

She claims that during her meeting for her role, the comedian pressured her into allowing him to give her a massage in a hotel suite.

Another day when she was waiting for wardrobe, Murray screamed at her in front of more than 300 people on set.

Davis recalls,"I was shaking all over, dying from shame,"  and Murray said he wanted to "make sure I knew my place."

According to Davis, it feels "weird" to be able to share sad experiences with the world through her book.

"My big lesson in life was you can't ever complain about anything," Davis says. 

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