Fred Kerley is the fastest player in the world, leading 1-2-3 finish for the US

Fred Kerley's tattoo on the inside of his left arm is a meme

Meme is the name he uses for his aunt, the woman who raised him in Taylor, Tex.

Fred Kerley moved in with Virginia Kerley when he was 2 years old after his father went to prison and his mother lost his way.

Kerley lived with his aunt and her children, 13 kids under one roof in a three bedroom house

Things were never given to him, he had to go take things, because that's the way it was when there were so many mouths to feed

He wants it so bad, to be the best and one of the best ever

At the World Track and Field Championships, Kerley seized the title of fastest man in the world 

“I believe in myself, first and foremost,” Kerley said. “I put the work in to be great. I don’t come to run to be second best.”

Kerley rose to the top of his sport years after a tumultuous childhood

Kerley said, I always think about my aunt, she sacrificed her life for me and my brothers and my cousins

“What he’s trying to do is unprecedented, at least in recent history,” said Olympic medalist Ato Boldon

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