Fantastic Beasts The Secrets of Dumbledore movie review: A poorly crafted, painfully disjointed joyless slog

It's strike 3 for this uninspired, confused franchise trying to milk the magic of Harry Potter series without adding anything to it.

The Crimes of Meandering Storytelling And Spectacular Miscasting Grindelwald -was a terrible fever dream of a movie

All I could remember about it before going into this third (and hopefully final) one, was that there was something about a strained brother-sister equation that I couldn't for the life of me follow or feel for

The Secrets Of Dumbledore - a poorly crafted, woefully disjointed, joyless slog of a third film (literally everyone is sad in this movie) that becomes increasingly pointless as it goes on

TThe Secrets Of Dumbledore follows the rising right-wing influence of dark wizard Gelert Grindelwald (previously Johnny Depp, now Mads Mikkelsen--this series is quickly becoming one of the most cancelled franchises, first Rowling, then Depp now Ezra Miller).

The Harry Potter series did a lot more than just touch hearts. It made us believe in magic. With the Fantastic Beasts franchise, it would appear that the magic is now spent.