Diablo Immortal impressions: A good smartphone game saddled with F2P nonsense

The best thing about Diablo Immortal is that it's a fun, professionally crafted action RPG befitting the Diablo name

The new Activision Blizzard game, launching on iOS and Android on Wednesday and Windows PCs on Thursday,

The worst thing about Diablo Immortal is its economy

The bean counters at Activision Blizzard aren't willing to offer a one-time purchase in Diablo Immortal for fair, nag-free adventuring

That's doubly tragic because the game is otherwise a fun, smartphone-friendly option for addictive dungeon delving

which leaves me stuck between recommending a perfectly fine smartphone adventure and warning about its ickiest aspects

Since at least two nations have banned Diablo Immortal from their marketplaces ahead of its launch

The game indeed includes "loot boxes" that run afoul of regulations in the Netherlands and Belgium

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