Scientology Asks Supreme Court to Enforce Religious Arbitration in Danny Masterson Case

Which would bar Danny Masterson’s sexual assault accusers from suing the church for allegedly stalking and harassing them 

The church asked the court to overturn a California appeals court ruling that the women could not be bound by the arbitration agreement because they had left the church

The church argued that the ruling violated the church's rights under the First Amendment and amounted to religious discrimination.

The plaintiffs filed suit in August 2019, alleging the church engaged in a campaign of harassment and intimidation after the rape allegations against Masterson were reported.

Masterson has also denied the rape allegations and will face a criminal trial this fall

The church tried to force women to abide by the contracts they signed when they joined the church

Which mandated that all claims against the church be permanently settled through an arbitration process conducted by the church.

Marci Hamilton, who represented the accused in the appeals court, noted in an email that the appeals verdict has not been published.

She mean that, it does not create law for other cases

"The Church seeks to overturn a decision from a state Supreme Court that is unpublished and therefore not preempted," she wrote.

She added that, "this is a procedure that the court will never adopt. They have nothing to review".

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