Comedian Lil Duval was airlifted to a hospital in Nassau, Bahamas after being hit by a car while riding an ATV.

On Tuesday, the comedian (née Roland Powell) shared updates on his injuries on Instagram

In another update he wrote, that he'd actually broken his leg, which he wrote was "even worse."

"But I'm still chillin tho can't nothing steal my joy," he said

"I ain't got no internal bleeding the doctor said that amazing being that i got hit by a car going full speed." he wrote

Thursday morning, Lil Dual said he will go into surgery at 8 a.m

"They really drilling my knee bruh. Why they ain't put me to sleep?" he wrote.

Duval is known outside of stand-up comedy for roles in "Scary Movie V" and "Wild N Out."

He also appeared in "Hip Hop Squares", "Ridiculousness" and movies like "The Trap" and "Grow House".

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