Democrats in Florida choose Charlie Crist to challenge Governor Ron DeSantis

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Due to Mr. Crist's resounding victory, Mr. DeSantis will face Mr. Crist in the general election.

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Republicans who are dissatisfied with Mr. DeSantis's policies may support Mr. Crist.

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However, Mr. DeSantis is a strong opponent who gained national recognition during the covid

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Despite not having a primary opponent, Mr. DeSantis continued to support candidates for lower office.

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In order to heavily advantage the G.O.P., Mr. DeSantis and Republicans in the State Legislature redrew House districts this year.

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Anna Paulina Luna triumphed in Mr. Crist's district in the Tampa Bay region, which was redrew to support the G.O.P.

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Mr. Crist defeated Nikki Fried, the state's agriculture commissioner, with a decisive victory.

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When the last polls in the state closed at 8 p.m., Mr. Crist had such a large lead that the election was declared to be over.

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In comparison to his opponent, Mr. Crist accumulated more endorsements from Democratic officials, labour groups, and local media.

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