Apple Hopes to Maintain iPhone Sales in 2022 as Market Slows

Apple Inc. has asked suppliers to make at maximum of its next-generation iPhones this year as in 2021  

The tech giant is telling its manufacturers to make 90 million of its newest devices, the equivalent of last year

The Cupertino, California-based company expects to assemble a total of 220 million iPhones by 2022.

Mobile device makers are starting to freeze orders, China's biggest chipmaker warned on Friday

The global handset market, which fell 9% in the June quarter, is expected to shrink 3.5% in 2022

Taiwanese iPhone assembler Pegatron Corp rose as much as 3.6% in its biggest gain in five weeks

The virtual death of Huawei Technologies Co. has also eroded the competition in high-end smartphones.

Apple will launch four new iPhone models that are expected to make more of a breakthrough than the 2021 version

Apple's iPhone and iPad performed better than feared in the June quarter

In the current macro environment, Apple seems to be witnessing no meaningful impact on its iPhone business

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