No Time to Die actress Ana de Armas Says There's 'No Need' to Reboot James Bond as a Woman

Ana de Armas is okay with male James Bond being the center of the franchise

But she would still like to see something more for the women characters.

She says that, "even though Bond will continue to be a man, the female character should be given more substantial part and recognition."

De Armas said she believes women should have better roles alongside the male James Bond

An iconic character she thinks should stay true to how he was originally written

"There's no need to steal someone else's character, you know, to take over," she added.

"It's a novel that leads into this James Bond world and this fantasy of the universe that he's in", she said

With No Time To Die being Daniel Craig's last film, fans around the world have been speculating who will play the next James Bond.

Bond producer Barbara Broccoli put an end to the rumors when she told Deadline in June that "no one is in the running."

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