Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones' media organization Free Speech Systems declared bankruptcy on Friday

In any case, his lawyer said it shouldn't disturb the slander harms preliminary in progress in Texas

That tries to compel Jones to pay $150 at least million to the group of one of the kids killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School assault

The bankruptcy filing was reported by Jones' lawyer Andino Reynal late in the day.

Subtleties of the bankruptcy filing were not quickly accessible.

It isn't the first time a bankruptcy filing has come in the midst of case against Jones by the Sandy Hook families

Courts in Texas have proactively found Jones liable for defamation for his portrayal of the Sandy Hook slaughter

Christopher Mattei, a lawyer for the Sandy Hook families gave an assertion Friday night impacting the bankruptcy filing

Jones guaranteed in court records last year that he had a negative total assets of $20 million

But lawyers for Sandy Hook families have laid out an alternate financial picture.

Court records show that Jones' Infowars store, made more than $165 million somewhere in the range of 2015 and 2018

Jones has likewise asked audience members on his Infowars program to give money

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