Vitamin D-rich foods list: 5 foods that you must eat to boost your Vitamin D levels this winter – check

Despite living in a tropical country, the number of people reporting Vitamin D deficiency has shown a major spike among Indians in the last few years. While lifestyle is largely responsible, the problem gets compounded in winter when there is reduced exposure to sunlight. It is important to choose the right food items that will boost your Vitamin D levels. Let’s look at some amazing winter foods that will push our Vitamin D levels in our bodies.

Food items to boost Vitamin D levels

1) Scrambled eggs or egg frittata (any egg dish with yolks)

Egg yolks are a big source of Vitamin D and as the weather remains cold, what’s a better start to the day than having some scrambled eggs made of a couple of eggs or a frittata? According to the United States Department of Agriculture, one whole egg yolk contains a whopping 218 international units of Vitamin D. You can even toss some veggies and sausages to prepare a yummy egg dish that can be your perfect Sunday breakfast.

2) Orange juice  

The best oranges are found in winter and while the citrus fruit is a storehouse of Vitamin C, it also has other health benefits and gives you your dose of Vitamin D. You can prepare some tasty orange juice by adding other ingredients like carrots, chia seeds, ginger, dates etc.

3) Milk  

Good old doodh is a fabulous source of Vitamin D. And if you mix it with a pinch of turmeric, health benefits double. In India, haldi doodh is drunk to keep several infections and diseases at bay and it’s also very good for those suffering from Vitamin D deficiency.

4) Mushrooms

If you are a vegetarian or vegan, mushrooms can be your best bet to get the required dose of Vitamin D. According to reports, mushrooms create vitamin D when exposed to UV light from the sun. To make it perfect for your winter evenings, whip up a creamy mushroom soup, adding other ingredients like broccoli, cumin, coriander, black peppercorns, and enjoy it on a chilly evening.

5) Smoothie with almonds, spinach

To boost your Vitamin D levels, make a yummy almond-spinach smoothie; you can use either yogurt or milk to make the smoothie that is loaded with health benefits and will keep you warm as mercury drops outside.

Vitamin D deficiency: Top Symptoms

Here are some of the major symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency:

    1. Fatigue
    2. Bone pain and muscle weakness
    3. Feeling of depression
    4. Inadequate or disturbed sleep
    5. Hair loss
    6. Loss of appetite

Always consult a doctor if you are diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency and check with them if medications are necessary.

(Disclaimer: The article is based on general information and is not a substitute for a medical expert’s advice. DNH does not confirm this.)

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