Commuters are shocked to see UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak selling poppies at a London tube station.

The new UK prime minister Rishi Sunak, has a lot on his plate, including a struggling economy, soaring inflation, and discontent within his party. However, he still ventured outside with a plate of poppies for travelers at a London subway station.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

During Thursday’s morning rush hour, as people were going about their daily routines at the Westminster tube station, their Prime Minister unexpectedly entered with a tray filled with the bright-hued blooms.

According to the BBC, Sunak sold the paper poppies for £5 apiece as part of a fundraiser for the Royal British Legion’s yearly London Poppy Day appeal. The UK PM joined a large group of British army, naval, and air force volunteers who are canvassing neighborhoods for donations for the cause.

Sunak’s brief appearance allowed passengers to interact with him closely. Small conversation and self-portraits were exchanged. Later, some people shared their experiences with the nation’s first prime leader of Indian descent on social media.

The Prime Minister was thanked by the Royal British Legion for “kindly giving up his time to collect with us during the morning rush hour.”

Mixed feelings were expressed in response to the British PM’s unannounced appearance, to which the media was not invited. Lewis, who paid £5 for a poppy from Sunak, told Sky News that he thought the Tory leader was accessible and “down to earth.”

Others on social media referred to it as a “crass photo opportunity” for “optics” of patriotism and questioned whether the prime minister didn’t have more important matters to attend to.

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