Ghost Employee Audit: Elon Musk believed Twitter had ‘ghost employees.’

Ghost Employee Audit: Elon Musk apparently wasn’t just concerned about fake Twitter accounts when he purchased the social media platform; he was also concerned about fake employees.

Twitter Ghost Employee Audit

A recent New York Times article looked into what it was like inside Twitter during Musk’s chaotic takeover.

Ghost Employee Audit: According to 36 people interviewed “at or close to Twitter,” Musk allegedly requested a payroll audit to confirm employees receiving bonuses were real before they were laid off.

Elon Musk Twitter employees: According to the article, Musk allegedly wanted to fire Twitter’s employees before they received their scheduled bonuses.

However, he allegedly agreed to wait until after the bonus date under the company’s “ghost employee” policy.

“Mr. Musk demanded a payroll audit to ensure that Twitter’s employees were “real humans.” He expressed concern that “ghost employees” who should not have received the money remained in Twitter’s systems, according to the New York Times.

According to the New York Times, Musk asked Twitter’s Chief Accounting Officer, Rober Kaiden, to conduct the audit, which included confirming with managers the real-life existence of employees.

Kaiden was later let go during a mass layoff.

People questioned Musk’s skepticism after hearing about the “ghost employee” audit, as many had never heard of the term.

People were helped by one Twitter user, @these qualia.

“Ghost employees are a real thing I have looked for and found in audits. But, uh, out of tens of thousands of employees, I found two ever. It’s not a significant risk. I usually appended the search to other audits. It’s not terribly involved if you’re already doing other work,” They wrote.

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