To Boycott Bollywood Trend, Here’s How Sonu Nigam Reacted

Sonu Nigam was among the Bollywood celebs, who met with Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on January 5 in Mumbai. Following the meeting, Sonu Nigam spoke to the media portals about the Boycott Bollywood movement and advised everyone to keep their heads down. Meanwhile, the chief minister is on a two-day visit to Mumbai to promote Uttar Pradesh as the “most film-friendly state in India”. Aside from Suniel and Sonu, Ravi Kishan, Jackie Bhagnaani, Jackie Shroff, Rajpal Yadav, Boney Kapoor, and Subash Ghai were also among the attendees.

Sharing his thoughts on the Boycott Bollywood trend, Sonu Nigam said, “Mai tucche logo ko apni baate kyu batau (Why should I talk to people who don’t matter). Why should I talk to those who won’t understand what I have to say? Everyone should just keep their heads down and move ahead – both artists and people on social media.”

The much-anticipated film, Pathaan’s first song, Besharam Rang was released recently. While fans loved Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone’s chemistry, it got the film in trouble, with Madhya Pradesh minister Dr Narottam Mishra. The minister was enraged by the film’s use of saffron outfits. He also claimed that the film contains some offensive scenes and threatened to ban Pathaan in Madhya Pradesh unless those scenes were replaced. When one of the highly reputed media platforms asked Sonu Nigam to comment on it, he turned away and chose not to respond.

According to reports, when asked if he believes Uttar Pradesh will dominate the film industry, Sonu Nigam stated, “We have seen a lot of changes in Uttar Pradesh over the years. My family also belongs to UP so keep hearing first-hand news from them. There has been a lot of safety and peace there. People have started understanding. There are now talks about opening a film industry, which is very good. Mumbai is everyone’s mother. People start learning from here, they struggle here. I learned how to work hard here. We learn about the work culture in Mumbai. If a film city opens in UP, it won’t affect Maharashtra.”

During the meeting, UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath listened to the concerns raised by members of the Bollywood industry. He also urged the members to participate in UP.

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