Thank God Movie Review: Siddharth Malhotra behind “Shershah”, Ajay Devgan passion for humour could not control.

Thank God movie review: Even though the movie “Thank God” has a short period of barely two hours, which seems to be appropriate as per the audience’s changing tastes, the audience’s attention is not held for the entire time.

Thank God movie review

Thank God story details

The story of the movie “Thank God,” which was released the day after Diwali, has one positive aspect: it encourages the audience to recognize how crucial it is to express gratitude to God for their blessings. While going about our daily lives, we frequently find ourselves grieving about various things and fail to recognize that what we have is nothing short of a blessing. The remainder of the characters in the movie revolve around Ajay Devgan’s performance and language because he plays the movie’s main character. Following the release of the movie’s trailer, the hoopla around the names of the holy figures in it led to the alteration of his character’s name from Chitragupta to CG. Although director Inder Kumar made a concerted effort to incorporate all the elements of a popular Hindi film, in his opinion, “Bruce Almighty” and some times “Sorte Kugler” seems to have appeared as inspiration for this movie. The movie’s borrowed concept first draws viewers in, but as the story develops, the lack of any kind of uniqueness in the movie makes it difficult to keep audience interested.

Thank God Movie Review

Unsuitable for new age audiences

Even though the movie “Thank God” has a short period of barely two hours, which appears acceptable given the audience’s changing tastes, the audience’s attention is not held for the entire time. The film contains jokes and stories adapted from messages that arrive on WhatsApp day and night. Due to all of this, the film’s two authors, Akash and Madhur, are unable to add anything unique from their perspectives. The film “Thank God’s” flaw is its inability to fully develop an intriguing story into a full-fledged movie. Indra Kumar, the filmmaker, must change his way of thinking and his cinematic style after this movie was launched during the Hindi film industry’s transitional time. The audience for his fixed-formula movies has now abandoned the theaters. Indra Kumar has tried to make the sets and other aspects of the picture grandiose with special effects in order to draw viewers to the theaters, but the script of the movie is not that great.

Thank God Movie Review

Weak story isn’t dynamic enough

The story of the movie “Thank God” moves from this world to that world. An angry real estate entrepreneur is hurt in a car accident. The soul reaches the place where the record of the crimes and virtues accomplished by humans on earth is done. Chitragupta, aka CG, asks her to join him in a game. The soul will reconnect with its body after winning the game. Providing the body is still able to be connected with the soul by then. Following this, CG takes over as the game show’s host, and one of the contestants approached him to ask about his experience. Following this, the movie features drama, comedy, action, and emotion; nonetheless, the story gets stuck at this point.

Thank God Movie Review
Sidharth Malhotra

The charisma of Ajay and Siddharth was ineffective.

Ajay Devgan has a distinct base following among Hindi cinema. The movie “Thank God” makes several attempts to capitalize in on the emotions of this audience, but Indra Kumar is the same Indra Kumar who earlier developed the method for casting Ajay Devgan in a comedy film from his movie “Ishq.” The audience will have to consider Devgan’s next comedy flick a hundred times after seeing this performance by Ajay. Even in his old age, Ajay Devgan makes every effort to keep his charm alive, but in the absence of the correct script, his efforts are ineffective. Along with him, Sidharth Malhotra can be seen attempting to carry the burden of the movie. “Shershaah,” Sidharth Malhotra’s previous movie, was only available on OTT. Siddharth has been steadily enhancing his brand with the aid of this movie, but he still has a ways to go before joining the next line of Hindi film actors.

Thank God Movie Review
Rakul Preet Singh

Additionally, the supporting characters were also colourless.

Other than Ajay Devgn and Sidharth Malhotra, no other actors in the movie “Thank God” were success to impress the audience. Due to a weak character, Rakul Preet Singh has once again failed to make an impact. Rakul Preet’s character may have been the driving force behind the story, but because the writers concentrated solely on Ajay Devgan and Sidharth Malhotra’s characters, Rakul Preet was only able to play a supporting role. A more effective use of Kiku Sharda and Sumit Gulati in the movie could have given it fresh life, but neither of them has any moments in the movie where they can show the audience any new facets of their artistic expression. Due to the poor script, Seema Pahwa’s character likewise failed to make an impression.

Failed to blow up on Diwali

Indra Kumar’s films’ music used to be the strongest aspect of his movie. But in the movie “Thank God,” not even this department could help him. Amar Mohile did not succeed to make a single song for the movie that viewers would remember even after the movie is over. The technical team’s best work was done by Asim Bajaj. His cinematography makes an impression on the sets of a special effects-driven movie. Although the film’s editor, Dharmendra Sharma, did a good job of maintaining the film’s pace, the lack of substance in the story and screenplay makes this technical proficiency ineffective. The outcomes of the two movies that were released the day after Diwali, “Thank God” and “Ram Setu,” are the same. Both movies greatly entice the audience, but neither succeeds in keeping them entertained.

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