Stranger Things Season 5 Release Updates: Will There Be Continuation?

Stranger Things Season 4, Part 2 is taking Netflix by storm. Now fans are wondering what the future holds for the show. Is there going to be another season and if yes, when can we expect it? Stranger Things is undoubtedly one of the most popular shows on OTT, wowing the world with its magnificent cast of characters and intriguing storyline. No wonder people are eager to know more about it.

The long wait between episodes 3 and 4 of this amazing series by Duffer Brothers has left viewers hungry for more. Fans want a never-ending supply of this show, but like every other show, it has to end sometime.

Netflix viewers loved the seven episodes of Season 4 Volume 1 that debuted on May 27. Every episode was scary, funny, heartwarming and exciting all at the same time. Now, today, July 1, fans can enjoy Volume 2 as well. So, will we see season 5?

Well, yes. In February of this year, Netflix and the Duffer Brothers announced that Season 5 was in production. Recently, the Duffer Brothers have teased what the upcoming installment will hold. We’ll learn more about the origins, history, and lore of the Upside Down, and according to them, there could be a time jump.

However, sadly, the makers of the show have announced that the show will end on season 5. They’ve also hinted at the possibility of spinoffs, so it won’t be goodbye after all. They haven’t started filming season 5 yet, but you can expect it to release sometime in 2024 according to predictions. Netflix has yet to confirm a release date.

Shooting for Season 4 began in January 2020 but was halted in March due to Covid-19. Shooting resumed in September of the same year, but we couldn’t see it before May 2022. It was an unusual process, and the Duffer brothers don’t expect it to happen again.

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