Skarper introduces new disk drive e-bike conversion kit

Skarper Ebike Conversion Kit: This innovative device can easily turn any bicycle into an electric bike.

British startup Skarper has launched a revolutionary e-bike conversion kit that powers your bike with a specially engineered disc brake rotor. Because replacing a wheel, wires, batteries, and fittings can be time consuming, most electric bike conversion kits cannot be easily disassembled. Skarper is looking to change this with its latest invention.

The new Skarper e-Bike Conversion Kit combines the ability to integrate everything into a single, compact device with a patent-protected mechanism to drive your bike’s rear wheel. The electric bike conversion kit consists of a single piece drive and battery assembly. Attaches the device to your non-drive side chainsaw through specially designed tabs. The motor then powers a custom-built rotor known as a disc drive.

Skarper Ebike Conversion Kit
Skarper Introduces New DiskDrive E-Bike Conversion Kit

The disc drive is to replace your rear rotor and move the bike forward instead. The package weighs about 3 kg and installing and removing the disk is as simple as changing your rotors. The Skarper rotor has a brake and drive, and has a range of up to 37.5 miles (depending on how you ride and how much power support you get). Even better, the company offers 2.5 hours of full charge time. Like other e-bike conversion kits, a cadence sensor is attached to the cranks of the Skarper’s system to adjust the power output.

Skarper DiskDrive E-Bike Conversion Kit | What has been revealed so far, look at the video

Skarper claims to have hired more than a dozen engineers and designers from its London headquarters. Dr. Alastair Darwood, the inventor, was responsible for the development. Dr. Darwood has already made numerous advances as a result of his medical expertise. This includes orthopedic and anesthetic medical devices created while working for the National Health Service (NHS) in England.

Skarper Ebike Conversion Kit
Skarper Introduces New DiskDrive E-Bike Conversion Kit

Darwood’s unique electric bike conversion kit is supported by a group of cyclists who have invested financially in the company. Skarper hides details, but in addition to the off-road / urban model seen above, the company also operates an off-road version with Red Bull Advanced Technologies. According to Skarper in an article published on Bike Radar, this unit “delivers a great deal of power and a lot of torque, which means you can clip-on the system to take you to the top of the mountain, unpack it and put it in your pack, and then you have the freedom to move on your / your own path without the extra weight and expense of e-mountain bike”.

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