Serena Williams Talks Openly About the 2018 French Open With Meghan Markle

The 23-time Grand Slam winner appeared on the Duchess of Sussex’s brand-new podcast to discuss what it’s like to be a “working mom” as well.
The tennis G.O.A.T Serena Williams was featured in the debut episode of Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex’s podcast Archetypes, which was released on Tuesday.

The focus of the show, “The Misconception of Ambition with Serena Williams,” was on the two managing their public lives as “working moms.”

Williams and Markle both talked to their kids about events that took place many years ago. The tennis pro’s daughter Olympia, who was not yet one, broke her wrist after falling out of her highchair at the 2018 French Open while Williams was present. This happened just before her last match, which she admittedly won despite only having gotten 30 minutes of sleep.

After falling, Williams explained, “we went to the hospital, and she had a minor rip or break in her wrist, so she had to receive a cast.” We returned at around four in the morning. Naturally, I was playing early on this particular day in the meantime. I recall rocking her to sleep while holding her the entire night. At that moment, I simply refused to let her out of my sight.

Williams continued, “I managed to win, but I was so emotionally depleted and drained that it was unbelievable. “After that, I stayed with her the entire night, just like I did every night. You’re going to be with me, it said.

It’s crucial to remember that Williams wore her infamous “catsuit” during this tournament to prevent blood clots.

The two ladies, who have been friends for a long time, made a connection between the challenges moms everywhere face and their own experiences dealing with becoming mothers at their level of popularity. The goal of Markle’s podcast, according to her, is to dispel some of the myths about working women.

In the opening, Markle stated that the topic of her podcast was “the labels and cliches that try to hold women back.” We’re going to live within and tear apart the boxes that women have been put into for generations throughout the course of the next twelve episodes. boxes such as “diva,” “crazy,” “the b-word,” and “s—-.

When the 23-time Grand Slam champion becomes emotional on the court, she is frequently described as “aggressive” rather than “passionate” about the game. In her interview with Vogue for this month’s issue, she continued by talking about the “double standard” she frequently encounters in tennis. She is perceived as having a “meltdown,” as opposed to the men, who are simply perceived as “passionate.”

After this year’s U.S. Open, Williams plans to retire from the sport. She was able to do so thanks to her Vogue cover. Williams told Markle how thrilled she is to embark on her next chapter of life.

Tennis was picked for me, and I loved it. I couldn’t have chosen better, am I right? stated Williams. I was therefore extremely pleased when it occurred. But right now, for the first time in my life, I’m making a decision. I’m selecting an alternative. One, to stop doing what I love, and two, ideally to have more children and to put more of my attention elsewhere.

Williams will start competing at the U.S. Open on August 29.

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