Rich Donald Trump is begging his supporters for money over a perhaps frivolous lawsuit against CNN

Donald Trump has always painted himself as a well-to-do guy in business, but he sometimes needs financial help. And when he does, he knows who to turn to: his cash-strapped supporters. He asked them to fund his fight for electoral integrity (which he later mostly pocketed). He asked them to help him fix his private plane. Now he’s asking them for his frivolous lawsuit against CNN.

The former president recently claimed he was looking to sue the news network over their habit of calling the 2020 election lies. Citing “overwhelming evidence” of voter fraud (which was never presented), he argued that CNN was guilty of defamation. Does he have many cases? Probably not. But few like to clutter the courts with ugly cases more than Donald Trump.

Anyway, Trump sent out a fundraising e-mail calling on his tireless fans to pay for a lawsuit with little merit. “I am asking my best and most dedicated supporters to add their names to stand with me in my upcoming lawsuit against fake news CNN,” he wrote in an e-mail with the subject line “Let’s Sue CNN.”

He followed that up with another fundraising e-mail, in which he tried to pressure more people to pay. “I’m going to look up the names of the first 45 patriots to publicly stand by their president against CNN,” he wrote.

In announcing his CNN lawsuit, Trump joked that this could be just the beginning. “I will also take action against other media outlets that defamed me and misled the public regarding the massive evidence of fraud throughout the 2020 election,” he wrote. “I will never stop fighting for the truth and the future of our country!”

Alas, Trump doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to appointing judges and winning court cases.

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