Reducing bad cholesterol to lowering high blood pressure: 7 reasons why garlic should be a part of your daily diet

In the Indian diet, garlic plays a very important role. The spice adds flavour to Indian dishes and a paste of ginger and garlic is probably the most often-used spice combination in desi cooking. But it’s not just for taste, garlic has several health benefits too. From building up one’s immunity against cold and flu, lowering bad cholesterol levels, and helping in keeping high blood pressure in check, this spice has any wonderful qualities. Here are 7 ways in which garlic can help your health.

7 health benefits of garlic

1) Boosts body’s immune system

The spice is known to boost one’s immune system and help especially in fighting cold and flu. Eating raw garlic can protect a person against cough, fever, cold and allied illnesses. Smash two cloves of garlic and consume them in the morning for best results. According to some reports, garlic cloves strung on a thread and hung around the necks of kids are said to be great for treating congestion symptoms.

2) Lowers high blood pressure

Uncontrolled high blood pressure is the leading cause of strokes, heart attacks and chronic heart failure. It also impacts the kidneys and can lead to kidney failure if not checked. So it’s very important to control high blood pressure, which garlic is known to do. So add garlic to your diet if you are suffering from hypertension.

3) Reduces cholesterol levels

There are two kinds of cholesterol: bad cholesterol or LDL and good cholesterol or HDL. If the LDL level is too high and the HDL level too low, it can lead to serious health issues. While garlic doesn’t seem to have any impact on HDL levels, studies show it lowers LDL levels. So it’s good for cardiovascular health.

4) A storehouse of antioxidants

Garlic is high in antioxidants like flavonoids and polyphenols and can protect your cells from oxidative stress. This means it reduces the risk of diseases like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease.

5) Might improve bone health

While studies on humans haven’t measured the impact, rodent studies have shown that garlic can minimise bone loss by increasing estrogen in females, and thus help in improving bone health.

6) Betters skin health

Antioxidants in garlic can help in removing the bacteria-causing acne. However, don’t apply raw garlic to your skin – many recommend doing this – without checking with your dermatologist.

7) Anti-inflammatory abilities

Studies have shown garlic has anti-inflammatory properties. Take some garlic oil and apply it on swollen joints or aching muscles and see the wonderful impact.

(Disclaimer: The article is based on general information and is not a substitute for a medical expert’s advice. DNH does not confirm this.)

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