A fight between an uncle and nephew who are both movie superstars? Watch the video

The journey of Rana Daggubati is incredible for everyone.

Rana Daggubati and Venkatesh Daggubati

Rana Daggubati and Venkatesh Daggubati: These days, southern cinema may be seen everywhere. Southern film took a distinct turn after Bahubali. The heroes of South India are currently on everyone’s mind. Actor Rana Daggubati had made a name for himself in the world because of the film Bahubali.

The journey of Rana Daggubati is incredible for everyone. Everyone is aware that Venkatesh and Rana are South Indian superstars who are uncle and nephew. However, in a video that has just gone viral, both of them can be seen fighting. His fans are therefore shocked.

Now that the reasons behind this new video have been revealed, it is also becoming widely shared on social media (Rana Daggubati & Venkatesh Daggubati Viral Video). The explanation is that their most recent movie, Rana Naidu, will soon be available on OTT. These two superstars will be making their first appearances in these movies.

Both nephews and uncles will be shown fighting in this movie. Rana Naidu trailer of the movie will be released today.

Ray Donovan, an American drama, was remade as Rana Naidu. In addition to Rana and Venkatesh, the movie also has a cast of other southern mega actors, fighting scenes, and intense masala.

This video contains an strong fighting sequence. The viewers interest has grown as a result of this stunning teaser. For the first time, Venkatesh and Rana are interacting with the audience. The teaser makes it clear that both of these superstars will make a splash in the movie Kaka – Putanya.

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